Monday, May 24, 2010


The fate of a generation of workers: Foxconn undercover fully translated (update: videos added) -- Engadget: "One group consists of university students like myself, who live in ivory towers and kept company by libraries and lake views. The other group works alongside steel machineries and large containers, all inside a factory of high-precision manufacturing environment. These guys always address their seniors as 'laoban' (boss), and call their own colleagues -- regardless of familiarity -- the rude 'diaomao' (pubic hair) in loud."

Pandigital's new $200 Novel color e-reader powered by Android, Barnes & Noble | Crave - CNET

Claims about sunscreen's effectiveness come under scrutiny

One apartheid nation wanted to sell nukes to another: Revealed: how Israel offered to sell South Africa nuclear weapons | World news | The Guardian

The Atlantic :: Business :: The Net Worth of the U.S. Presidents: Washington to Obama

Rep. Alan Grayson Introduces the "War Is Making You Poor" Act | | AlterNet: "The bill would cut the DoD's budget and use that money to make the first $35,000 each American earns tax-free."