Thursday, May 27, 2010


Racist Microwave Buyer by E-mails from an Asshole(via greyorm)

Dissent Magazine: Symposium by Jackson Lears: "What was left of the left intelligentsia retreated into the academy, where the tragedy of 1960s cultural politics was replayed as farce. Partly this involved the dominance of identity politics. Its sources were compelling and wholly understandable—the desires of women and minorities to vindicate and explore a separate sense of self, independent of the hegemonic standard established by white males. But one unintended consequence of the quest for alternative identities was that it created a new kind of fragmented, interest-group politics, unmoored from any larger vision of the good society. Cut off from engagement with actual policy debates (the province of “wonks”), the left intelligentsia retreated into academic politics—micromanaging curricular reform with ferocious intensity, debating the finer points of “cultural theory” with scholastic precision."


  1. Heh. I shoot right and left handed, am I an "elite operator" now? FWIW, according to the latest and greatest FBI school of thought, when you "stack" you are supposed to have your gun pointed at the back of the guy in front of you. Col. Cooper is very disappointed in the FBI. I guess they wanted the moniker "Fearless Band of Idiots" to fit better.

    Regarding the guy held by ICE, it happens. Just like people being held when suspected of a crime that they didn't commit. 3 days seems a bit long, but if it was over a weekend and they couldn't get a hold of someone to verify the PR paperwork, I can see it.

  2. My reaction consisted of #1 and the first half of #2, but I think you're right about the second part of #2, too. What's scariest is he may inspire imitators. And yet, I gotta love him a little bit.

  3. I'd actually argue it's the people who respond who have something wrong with them: I mean, they're the ones who keep it going, cuss, swear, denigrate and scream at the guy.