Monday, May 3, 2010

racists in Tea Party update

Joan Walsh -
It's true that white Tea Party skeptics are more likely than white Tea Party supporters to say black people are trustworthy (57 percent to 41 percent), Young acknowledges. But then she compares the two groups' opinions of white trustworthiness, and finds that while only 49 percent of Tea Partiers say whites are trustworthy, 72 percent of Tea Party skeptics do. So when you compare white Tea Party skeptics' views of black and white trustworthiness, you find that more (72 percent) think whites are trustworthy than think blacks are (57 percent). Young's right, that is a little weird, and depressing. But it's also noteworthy that Tea Partiers don't seem to have a lot of trust in black or white people.
According to Project Implicit, 75 to 80% of whites have a bias toward whites*, so that may mean Tea Party whites are more aware of their bias than their skeptics are.

I do wish I knew what percentage of blacks think whites are untrustworthy.

And I've long known that a lot of conservatives just don't trust people, no matter what color they are.

Anyway, I find it quite plausible that 72 percent of the Tea Party is a bit racist. Though racism doesn't seem to be the reason for any Tea Party policies, the result of several would be racist, starting with Arizona's idiot new law.

* Unlike me, according to my test there, I am inordinately proud to say because I'd always figured I must have a little pro-white racist streak from my childhood in the segregated South. Now I'm wondering if my bias for black folks will screw me up someday. All things considered, I would prefer to have no bias at all.

(Thanks, DairyStateDad!)