Friday, May 7, 2010

Unitarian Universalists cancel AZ convention over idiot new law

Canceling will cost about $615,000 in penalties.

I love UUs.

update: The vote to cancel the convention will take place next month. But it's hard to imagine that the resolution will not pass.


  1. I should point out that it hasn't been cancelled yet- what was passed was the resolution that the GA will vote on next month. It's possible that the GA will vote to stay in AZ, though I doubt it.

  2. What happens if the AZ law is repealed or struck down between now and 2012?

  3. As was pointed out by some friends of mine that work in the industry. . .

    So far, the ones that have canceled have been the ones that make the location owners the least money anyway.

    Second, by pulling out, they are hurting the folks they are trying to help. Much of the staff for these events (setup, tear down, cleaning) are day laborers.

  4. DSD, it would be nice if they could go back, but it seems to me all we can do is act on the state's law as it currently exists.

    Jeff, I have sympathy for the second argument, but I think that falls under economic collateral damage. Day laborers will be helped elsewhere when the convention moves.

  5. Actually, it's twice as bad as Jeff said- not only are the laborers hurt, but that $615,000 penalty goes directly to the owners for delivering nothing.

  6. Joel, yeah, that part sucks, but it's just how capitalism works. The question is whether someone else will step in to fill the vacancy.