Wednesday, May 12, 2010

update on UUs boycotting Arizona

From “Please come to Phoenix,” but we said, “No.”:
...apparently Unitarian Universalist ministers in Arizona and Las Vegas voted unanimously to oppose this move. They would like us all to come to Arizona and engage in public demonstrations against the law instead. As an extra added incentive to listen to the Arizona ministers, I would point out that the cancelation fees alone would cost the UUA something like $650,000 (to say nothing of the added expense of finding another venue at this point).
People have noted that the cancellations fees may just be gravy to bookers if they find people to take those rooms instead of UUs, and if hotels suffer from a boycott, their workers will suffer also. I was initially on the side of boycotting, but I think coming and protesting makes more sense for people who have already booked conventions here.

That said, I applaud the Republicans for choosing to have their convention in Florida instead.