Friday, May 21, 2010

what's ignored by focusing on Rand Paul's "racism", & antelope sex
The governors of California, New York and dozens of other US states have submitted drastic budget-cutting proposals, which will gut education, health care and other services for children, seniors and low-income families.

Rand Paul supports these kinds of cuts, which will affect far more whites than blacks or Hispanics. In that, he's no different than conventional Democrats and Republicans, so it shouldn't be a surprise that the mainstream media is only interested in what would happen if he had a time machine.

Though I'm defending him from the racism charge, I'm not a fan. He wants British Petroleum to pay the full cost of what they've done, but he also thinks Obama should talk nicer about them. Huh? I think Paul simply wants more respect for capitalists. (Via Michael Moore: What's a libertarian? Let Rand Paul explain--he says it's "un-American" for Obama to go after BRITISH Petroleum,

Regarding the war that Paul opposes and the MSM ignores: No More Victims.

Bonus link: Male Antelope Scare Females Into Staying for Sex