Saturday, June 5, 2010

I have written a Shadow Unit story

Always Crashing In The Same Car by Will Shetterly.

No spoilers in what follows, just rambling about the writing:

If you haven't read Shadow Unit, this might work without the other episodes. The telling is atypical, and it's shorter than usual, a short story instead of a novella or, dear God help us, a short novel.

I'm rather proud of it. The main part of the story is maybe 98% me; the remaining 2% comes from Shadow Unit's great show runners, Emma Bull and Elizabeth Bear. The final scene is maybe 99% Emma, with suggestions from Bear and me. It was entirely Emma's idea, which I resisted at first for silly artistic reasons, but now I think it's great because it puts perspective on what went before. It's obviously helpful for regular readers of Shadow Unit, but I suspect new readers will see at least one incident in a new light with the new information.

Shadow Unit has a tradition of buried "DVD extras." For those who haven't played before, here's the link, which for spoilery reasons you should only follow after reading the main story: a place to heal. We usually don't say who wrote DVD extras, but I think it's cool to acknowledge the storytelling flow this week: "Casserole" is by a third writer who gave me the greatest compliment ever: "You inspired me to write fanfic." Then, for extra fun (but probably more baffling to new readers), there's "Confessions" by a fourth SU writer. For us, the coolest thing about Shadow Unit is the way each person builds on what went before.

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