Sunday, June 13, 2010

is class a better measure than race?

“New affirmative action”—could we capture race through wealth? | The Reality-Based Community: "Richard Kahlenberg has a piece out in the Chronicle of Higher Education ... flagging new research by Anthony Carnevale and Jeff Strohl to the effect that class counts for far more than race in explaining predicted differences in test scores."

The money quote: "using a more robust measure of wealth (net worth) than they had available to them might in fact eliminate the predictive value of race per se altogether."

(Thanks, Larry Lennhoff!)

ETA: What excited me about this is the acknowledgment that it's not race and it's not income that matters. It's wealth. People hate to talk about wealth in this country. I really wish I could find some stats on how poor whites who had moved up in the last couple of decades are faring when compared with poor blacks, because neither of them have necessarily had the chance to build their wealth.

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