Tuesday, June 8, 2010

links of the day

Sweet land of... conformity? - The Boston Globe: "Surprising as it may sound, Americans are much more likely than Europeans to say that employees should follow a boss’s orders even if the boss is wrong; to say that children “must” love their parents; and to believe that parents have a duty to sacrifice themselves for their children. We are more likely to defer to church leaders and to insist on abiding by the law. Though Americans do score high on a couple of aspects of individualism, especially where it concerns government intervening in the market, in general we are likelier than Europeans to believe that individuals should go along and get along."

Texas textbooks and the truth about the Confederacy - Texas - Salon.com: "Once it became clear that the only way to save slavery and anti-statism in the South was to abolish slavery and adopt statism, the malfunctioning Confederate Mind short-circuited completely." I disagree with that sentence—there was not a single "Confederate Mind," because the CSA was a confederacy, not a union, that included the most racist people imaginable like Vice-Prez Stephens and anti-slavery people like Robert E. Lee, but that's a quibble. Read it.

Gary Leupp: The Ambush of Helen Thomas

Obama the far-left radical - This Modern World - Salon.com