Sunday, July 25, 2010

radical unfollowing and unfriending, a postscript

A friend on LJ left this comment: "You can make a nice courteous future-dated top post saying you have warm fuzzies for the entire Internet, and people are welcome to Friend you, but you can't possibly keep up with everyone and earn a living and write the books that you're expected to be producing."

I thought that was implied, and it may only need to be said for LiveJournalers, who can be remarkably polite about these things, but I'm very slowly learning that it's better to err on the side of being too clear, so: Everyone is welcome to friend me or follow me or read me via RSS or surf by my blog when the whim strikes.

I do have warmest fuzzies for the entire Internet. But, dang, y'all can be distracting sometime, and I'm a guy who needs to sit with his back to TVs in bars and restaurants 'cause I'm addicted to information. Or, as Jesus said with his "cut it out" metaphor, if something distracts you, stop doing it.

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