Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a personal note and a few last (?) links

I got the results of my B12 test last week: I'm back to normal. I wish I knew how long my low B12 level had depressed me. I've ended my quasi-veganism; I'm taking a daily vitamin with B12 and eating more dairy and some fish now. (Salmon burger on jalapeño-cheese bagel! Nomalicious!) Maybe I'll return to near-veganism, but I suspect I'll just adopt a Mediterranean/pescetarian diet.

(Just found this regarding depression and diet: Junk food blues: Are depression and diet related? - MayoClinic.com. I'll be staying away from junkfood.)

This isn't to say I'm not depressed now, but I don't think I'm clinically depressed. I think I'm more sad about the things any sane person should be sad about. Perhaps what I feel now is simple despair for everyone under the heel of capitalism.

Okay, that sounds way too depressing. The nice thing about being over the low-B12 depression is I can think more optimistically about how to do my tiny part in getting us all out from under that heel.

While I ponder that and work on art, I need more time away from the internet, so I may stop posting links. Since I can't go cold turkey, here are two sites I recommend for keeping up with what matters in the US:


Robert Reich

Here's one person's attempt to photograph what's happening here: State of the Union.

And here's a fine example of what's wrong with too many academics: The illustrated guide to a Ph.D.

Peace, y'all!