Thursday, August 19, 2010

depression update, plus Zeb and Haniya playing "Chup"

I'm glad to say I'm writing fiction again after stopping in June, but the habits of—two? five?—years of depression are still with me. Which sucks. If, as I think, the problem caused by insufficient B12 is now fixed, I still need to work on the symptoms.

This applies to more than putting off writing. I need more charity for anti-racism theorists who try to convince me it's better to focus on race than class, or that I should stop pointing out the flaws in their philosophy. Emma noted that I'm kind and patient with Jehovah's Witnesses. I think I'll just start telling AR theorists, "No thanks, I'm a red. Have a nice day!"

Totally unrelated, I heard this on the radio today and quite liked it:


Zeb is the singer. Haniya, the woman with the cutaway acoustic guitar, is her cousin. They're upper-class "urban middle class" Pakistanis who went to Mount Holyoke.

ETA: More about the band here.