Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jay Lake on class and chemotherapy

Lakeshore - [cancer] Class privilege and chemotherapy

(Oh. This doesn't exactly fit my four principles for blog posts, so I need to add one more:

5. Is it about class?

'Cause I'll always be the Class Guy.


  1. Ah, I saw that when he originally posted it. Most of the working class people I've known with serious long term health problems* ended up living on disability rather than trying to keep their jobs. Which provides sort of enough money while you're still alive,** but leaves your family impoverished when you die.

    I know middle class people face a lot of the same problems, but it tends to take longer before their resources run out. Plus, when they have fund raisers, more people with the means to donate show up.

    *Usually heart disease. The ones with cancer haven't tended to last that long.

    **Not counting the medical bills, of course. Nothing provides enough money for the medical bills.

  2. Killer point about fundraisers. Emma once met a woman who told her that there shouldn't be government help for poor people; friends should help each other out. It never occurred to her that poor people tend to have poor friends and rich people tend to have rich ones. I always feel a bit of a twinge when I notice a fundraiser for someone who has more money than I do.

  3. If she were particularly callous, she'd probably just say that poor people ought to choose better quality friends in that case. See, because poverty is all about the bad decision making and failure to take personal responsibility. Heh.

    About the only thing I ever donate to fundraisers is artwork. Seems to be the only way I can sell the damn stuff. Good thing my friends didn't choose me for my money.