Friday, August 13, 2010

Robert N. Lee on the frenzy of failfans

This comment from Robert N. Lee got buried in blogger's spam filter:
The thing I've noticed about the vast majority white FAIL Baggers (my own favorite new term) is that if you read their blog posts long enough, you'll find an enthusiastic post about how they never met any black people or whatever until last week.

And personally, I think the best evaluation of the entire thing came from LJ's St. Rev a few years ago: it's not a legit movement of any kind, really, but it's not so much a real lynch mob or witch hunt, either.

What it's almost exactly like is Zombie Tag, if you ever played that as a kid, or simple computer zombie simulations. A meme like "ELIZABETH BEAR FARTED AND THIS IS RACIST" is the infection, and the idea is to spread the infection, turn everybody into red dots, and kill any stubborn dots that stay green.

If you accept the meme and pass it on enthusiastically, you're good and you get to join the reds. If you don't and hide, you're fine. If you don't and object in public, you get swarmed.