Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Emma and I had a grand time at Foolscap—good talk, good food, and the chance to see too many people we haven't seen in too long and spend, alas, too little time with most of them.

Among the many especially nice meetings were finally meeting Nisi Shawl and Mary Robinette Kowal. Mary's the Veep of SFWA, and she gives me hope for the organization, which seems to veer madly from administration to administration between being a private club and a writer's service organization. I like the latter model. Frankly, I wish it was more like the WGA, but SFWA manages to do a lot of good with the Grievance Committee and the Emergency Medical Fund. It's probably time for me to join again.

But I digress. Foolscap is small and targeted at readers, and there are many good restaurants within walking distance. I would return every year if I could.

I meant to take pics like crazy and tweet them, but I was soon too busy just being at the con. Here are the pics I managed to snap with my trusty ipod:


Impressionistic pics are from the Night Kitchen, where you must try the the cheese curds if you like cheese at all and you can't go wrong with anything on the menu. One shot shows Nisi and Kat Richardson teaching The Other, which flowed beautifully into our POV workshop. Emma did not make a giant bacon strip on the plane; that's a contribution for the Red Scarf Project.