Thursday, September 30, 2010

Obama and the usual Shetterly concerns

On Facebook, Doug Lain has been promoting Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz. Things from two of her essays that I like:

from John Wayne and the New Orleans Indians:
For days I have been thinking of Sitting Bull's observation that the United States knows how to make everything, but doesn't know how to distribute it. He was being generous in attributing the lack of equitable distribution of goods to benign ignorance rather than to malign design. But he knew better. Once in Chicago while performing with Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West, Sitting Bull spoke through his translator to the huge crowd of ragged white men, women, and barefoot children: "I know why your government hates me. I am their enemy. But why do they hate you?"
from Hating the Rich:'s all right to hate slavery and slaveowners, fascism and Hitler, etc. Why not hate the rich, the individual rich, not an abstract concept?
I've been thinking about hating Obama. Okay, I actually still kind of like the guy, but I saw an article about his Christianity recently, and I wondered about the Christianity of a guy with a million-dollar home who sends his children to an exclusive private school instead of the kind of school most of us get. Jimmy Carter's Christianity was also flawed, but his daughter went to public school while he was The Prez. I think Carter cared about us more than Obama does. Obama cares the way rich people do: he wants the poor to be a little better off so he can feel good about having servants.

At my Racefail blog, Let Them Eat Diversity has my favorite bits from a new Walter Benn Michaels interview.