Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the racism of anti-racism theorists

Anti-racists are saying the answer is "Yes!" at Whitey McWhiterson, Sam, And Their Pal Darko Black, Who Is, Ironically, White. They're mocking the guy's fanny pack, perhaps because they think he should be wearing overalls and eating watermelon, or maybe he should have his baseball cap on backwards and his pants fastened below his butt. "Darko Black" seems to be code for "Darkie Negro."

Obligatory line when writing about anti-racists: You can't make this shit up.

Seriously, the people who look racist are at Whitey McWhiterson, Sam, And Their Pal Darko Black, Who Is, Ironically, White. Because only racists expect all black people to be the same. I wish "anti-racist" racists would learn this: Don't mock a black conservative's race. Mock his politics.

P.S. I do think this picture was a stupid way to respond to people who insist the Tea Partiers are racist. The more the Tea Partiers try to defend themselves, the worse they look. They should just ignore the charges. Otherwise, they're feeding the trolls.


  1. blah blah blah we're really not racist blah blah blah even though we support a racist agenda blah blah blah our leaders are racists blah blah blah funded by racists blah blah blah blame and hate brown-skinned immigrants blah blah blah etc etc etc

    Seriously, Will, the only reason they have to keep defending themselves from charges of racism is because *they keep doing and saying racist things*, not because trolls are trolling them. (Also, yay, I'm a troll, I guess!)

  2. Do they like white-skinned immigrants? I haven't seen any evidence of exceptions to their stupid laws for white folks. The laws will disproportionately affect brown folks, but they'll make life harder for white folks with accents too.

    Yes, racists like the Tea Party. But that doesn't mean the Tea Party is racist. Or do you think there are no racist Democrats?

    As for their leaders being racist, are you seriously saying people like the black woman who is one of the leaders of the Dallas Tea Party is racist? She's an ignorant conservative, but I can't see the racism there. Do you think Tea Party members don't know what color Lloyd Marcus is?

    You might try this: Black conservatives in tea party movement oppose taxes, policies of 1st black president

  3. PS. Is there a difference between racism and nativism?

  4. Remove the Mexican illegal immigrant debate from the equation, and the Tea Party = Racism claim becomes unsupportable. The truth is that the Tea Party is a hodge-podge of different ideological beliefs, mostly wrapped around the maypole of, "Too Much Government." Take away THAT central pivot point, and the Tea Party more or less crumbles. I think the racist slam is just playbook standard for a certain collection of liberals who think racist is interchangeable with fascist is interchangeable with conservative. Paint with the broad brush, etc.

  5. Brad, sorry you got caught in the spam filter. As for what you say, agreed. I just saw this, which is kinda relevant: