Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween! Free netbook and Victorian men's western/steampunk wear!

via Golden Age Comic Book Stories, a classic horror comic cover I like for its design, lines, and narrative sense:

I'm giving away a netbook and external DVD drive, and a westerner's late 1800s vest and trousers. They're free. I'll even pay shipping if the winners are in the US.

The deal: if you want 'em, send email to shetterly at and I'll draw a winner. You can request all of them or just mention what you would like (I'm inclined to consider the DVD drive a package with the netbook, but I'll see what people ask for.) Deadline is Tuesday noon, AZ time. I'll ask the winner(s) for a shipping address then.

However, there's a catch, 'cause I'm a commie: if you're hurting for money or you can give them to someone who couldn't possibly afford them, say so, and I'll pick winners from the folks who couldn't get these sorts of things otherwise. Your request will be private, so if you mention you're having hard times, I'll be the only one who'll know.

(ETA: You don't have to spell out your hardship, unless you want to. If you say times are tough now, that's good enough for me.)

I'm wearing the Classic Old West Styles vest (almost certainly size medium) and WahMaker trousers (32" waist x 30" inseam) here:

I don't have a color picture handy of the vest; it's either undyed or beige. Here are the trousers:

The netbook is a black Gateway LT2005u, which comes with a black Asus external DVD drive. I installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and didn't bother to save a copy of Windows XP, but it is licensed for XP and I hear people run Windows 7 on it. I've been very happy with it, though I see a reviewer on Amazon is having trouble with the hinges on his.

Update: I already have a "hard times" entry for the netbook, so if you're doing okay, please don't ask for that. The vest and trousers are still available for anyone.

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