Sunday, October 31, 2010

Is it Old Grudges Day on the web?

Okay, it's always Old Grudges Day on the web. But I was amused that right after I posted about Malcolm X and Katrina*, John Caruso did something similar (but snarkier!) about 2000 and Nader: A Tiny Revolution: Democratic Blame Calculus.

I'm looking forward to Aaron Burr's "That Hamilton, what a wanker" post.

* I don't know if it's of interest to readers of my main blog, but I made a special post on my LiveJournal that mostly consists of info I've covered before: Why fight? I'm right. (a SIWOTI post on Malcolm X and Katrina). I got flak from race reductionists (folks who prefer to talk about race instead of class when discussing the nature of privilege) for my comments when Ta-Nehisi Coates compared Malcolm X to Barack Obama, so I addressed them in a short post that I may keep updated for future reference.



    I think time has healed that wound.

  2. Excellent! I don't follow Penny Arcade because it's usually too gamer oriented for me, but every so often, they do a great one. Now I'm remembering their racist/not racist strip. Which you prob'ly forwarded to me.