Tuesday, December 21, 2010

a little about Commie Santa

From The Santa Secret: Santa Plays Favorites:
I never remember believing in Santa, and even as a eight-year old, I remember it making me so angry that these kids were told that Santa brought toys based on who was “good,” knowing very well the kid who was going to get the most toys under the tree was the one kid in the class who deserved coal, and the sweet girl who appeared neglected might not get anything.
Another friend of mine, Tammy Nelson, reflected on her childhood to me, “I always loved Santa, but was baffled every year when the neighbor brats got a ton of cool stuff from Santa, and I got much less, and I was really, really good! …I always felt like somehow, I had done something wrong.”
It seems it still reflects in how we view the world as adults. We see rich people as more talented, intelligent, and generally deserving of their wealth, even if they acquired their wealth on the backs of people they mistreated. We’re grown-ups who still believe that those who are most deserving get the most toys, and if we don’t have everything we want, we must be at fault. And that is perhaps even more sad than an unanswered letter to Santa.
I'm of several minds on this. An argument can be made that it's good to tell kids Santa exists because that soon teaches them that adults lie now and then. And I love that Santa wears red and gives without expecting anything in return, like any commie. But there's no denying that under capitalism, Santa is forced to be extremely unfair. So far, Krampus is winning.

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