Thursday, December 9, 2010

beloved reader, is this my last blog post of 2010?

Time to take a blogging break. We're not going anywhere, but Emma and I have a lot to do at home. Our road trip was nice for reminding me that the web is a tool, and when you don't pay attention to your tools, they may start using you.

Advice that I hope you don't need: Never hesitate to tell people you love that you love them.

Bonus advice: When people are near the ends of their lives, they regret things they didn't do more than things they didn't have.

Since I'm not sure how soon I'll blog again (in theory, Jan 1, 2011, but perhaps tomorrow or never), I want to say I love you all like family. In a few cases, very annoying family, but still, humanity is one family, and even its annoying members should be treated with respect and love.

Have some hippie wisdom: Sly & The Family Stone - Everyday People

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