Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Class Politics at Harvard

Class Politics Versus Identity Politics « Garibaldy Blog:
In Harvard, which I think takes 40% legacy students (other colleges take more and won’t even reveal the figures), 9% of students are black – but only 7% are poor. Michaels uses the outrage over the recent arrest of Professor Gates in Harvard as indicative of the fact that anti-racism and anti-discrimination enables the elite to feel better about the possession of its wealth – if discrimination against peple is removed, then their wealth is because of their talent, not structural inequality. And the poor deserve to be poor.
ETA: See Bill Colsher's comment below; there're problems with this claim. I dunno if the Garibaldy writer was sloppy or Michaels is wrong. I'm inclined to think the former; I know my blogging is sloppier than what I write to sell. I'll try to follow up on this sometime.