Friday, December 10, 2010

I have permission to post on javalina days

It's been a javalina week. Soon after we returned from the big road trip, we walked to the mail box in the middle of the day and saw a javalina crossing the road a few hundred feet away. Then, on a late afternoon walk, I saw ten javalinas cross the road several hundred yards away. And then, going to the barn in mid-afternoon, I stopped about thirty feet from an adult javalina who was in the barn. I strongly suspect he was the one who's been chewing on the insulation around the pipes. Javalina smell water and don't appreciate human efforts to confine it.

Tonight, a little after dark, Emma and I went over to a neighbor's to pick up a package of theirs, 'cause they're away for a couple of days and couldn't change the delivery date. As we came toward it, Emma said, "Do you smell skunk?"

That should've been a major hint.

I smelled something, but it wasn't strong. I forget my boring answer. I shone the flashlight on the package and started for it.

Something barked.

Well, not exactly, but just as my brain had first said "skunk", it now said "wild dog."

I stepped back toward Emma, and a javalina walked out from the bushes, heading away from us. He may be a loner living in the area. I should check to see if young males live alone. He's probably the loner I've seen the last couple of times. Or maybe he was just away from the other ten when we saw him alone.

But since I saw a javalina, I'm posting. Here are a couple of Friday night videos from my kind of people:

YouTube - 15 year old Tells Establishment to Stick-it.

YouTube - An Irishman abroad tells it like it is !! :-)