Saturday, December 18, 2010

three questions @jsmooth995 @sadydoyle

1. For all of my professional writing life, I've been writing about race and gender, and I've been praised for it. See Ellen Kushner's comment about Dogland or the feministsf wiki's claim that my "work features strong women characters and people of color." But since I added class to my concerns, people like you say I'm racist and sexist and someone who thinks we live in a post-racial America. Can you offer any quotes of mine to to support what you claim?

(If you're thinking of the selective quotes at Coffeeandink's site, my reply is here. The short version: In all of those cases, I was pointing out class to people who were ignoring it.)

2. You love to talk about other people's privilege, but you don't talk about your own class privilege. A quick google reveals that Jay Smooth attended some private schools, and Sady Doyle has articles published by mags that are, in your terms, institutionally classist, where the percentage of writers from expensive private schools is remarkably disproportionate. What private schools were you privileged to attend?

3. Can you provide any links to any of your work where you discuss class in any depth?




  1. FWIW, I don't follow Sady Doyle regularly so I don't at all claim that this is the best example, but she pretty much introduced the term "Liz Lemonism" to feminist blogging to describe a certain kind of wealthy woman who thinks she's a feminist but is really basically only in feminism for people just like her. In the column where Sady Doyle got me thinking about this, she devotes some attention to class, though some of it is implied and most of it is in the context of other attributes as well:

    Again, no claims that this is the best example.


    Kent Gardens Elementary
    Longfellow Junior High
    McLean High School

    Due to a lack of public nursery schools, I did attend pre-kindergarten at the Langley School, a private establishment, so that my mother could work rather than take care of me. I hope that fact dings my street cred minimally.

  2. Oh, I forgot, I transferred from Kent Gardens to a magnet program at Haycock Elementary, a different public school, for third through sixth grades.

  3. CC, many thanks for the link!

    As for cred, I'm all about what people are doing now. Some working class folks become more bougie than bougie; some upper class folks commit totally to building a fair world.

  4. Then what's the point of asking about private school backgrounds?

  5. Well, they're mighty, mighty bougie, and they're all about other people's privilege. I haven't noticed you going on the way they do, so I don't ask you.