Monday, January 17, 2011

a bogeyman is scaring America: the Declaration of the Fair Share Party

The Declaration of the Fair Share Party

A bogeyman is scaring America — the bogeyman of sharing the wealth. The rich and powerful of old America — preachers and politicians, liberals and conservatives, local cops and federal agents — have made a pact to drive out this bogeyman.

Is there anyone who wanted to help the poor who wasn't called a red? Even conservative Democrats say liberal Democrats are socialists.

This tells us two things:

1. The rich and powerful know fair-sharers are powerful.

2. It's time for fair-sharers to tell everyone their beliefs, their goals, their ideas, and answer the fairytale of the Bogeyman of Sharing Fairly with a declaration of their party.

To do this, fair-sharers from different countries met in London and outlined this declaration, to be published in many languages.

To be continued?

ETA: I don't know how serious this is. I was just thinking that Americans have a lot of reasons for not understanding what Marx and Engels were trying to explain. One reason is their writing is, in many ways, dated. The Communist Manifesto wasn't meant to be a sacred text. It was meant to be a living document that would inspire change.

So I'm tempted to translate it into American. Maybe I'll do a little more tomorrow. Suggestions are, as always, welcome.

ETA 2: I've made a few tweaks after the comments, and I'll probably make more.