Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a note for an article about "rape culture"

Pacific Center for Sex and Society's "Pornography, Rape and Sex Crimes in Japan" is fascinating, not just for its information about Japan, but for its summary regarding rape and pornography elsewhere: http://www.hawaii.edu/PCSS/biblio/articles/1961to1999/1999-pornography-rape-sex-crimes-japan.html

Among the things that rape culture theorists don't grasp: Just as there are women and men who fantasize about being raped who hate the idea of anyone being raped, there are men and women who fantasize about being rapists who hate the idea of raping anyone. Human sexuality and human imagination are not as simplistic as moralists believe. We all have fantasies about being powerful or powerless in sexual or nonsexual circumstances. We also know our fantasies are only fantasies.

(Many thanks to serialbabbler for providing this link in the comments on the previous post.)

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