Sunday, March 13, 2011

Before Jesus was blond

This is a 6th-century Roman depiction from Sacred Destinations Travel Blog: Magnificent Medieval Art:

Christ at the Second Coming

I find it very plausible. Some folks argue that if there was a historical Jesus, he would've had short hair like most men of the time, but since nazirites don't cut their hair, I disagree with 'em.


  1. Slightly off topic, but still relevant: Have you checked out the book "Saving Paradise" by Rita Nakashima Brock and Rebecca Parker for some very interesting insights on how artistic depictions of Jesus changed over time, especially after the first millenium? They found that the crucified Jesus doesn't emerge as a subject of art until about the time that Christianity has been coopted by Empire.

  2. (Clarifying): In other words, depictions of Jesus prior to that time focus on him as living.

    I love the painting you've put up.

  3. I haven't read that, though I've read a little about the subject. I love this one, too, but I'm also interested in the young shepherd depictions that some say were actually Mithras or heavily influenced by depictions of Mithras.

    If I was a Christian academic, I would be all about Christianity up to the time of Constantine.