Thursday, March 3, 2011

for reviewers who dis my work

What is wrong with you? Seriously. I write it, you praise me. Easy!

Ahem. Emma wrote a post linking to Janni's post inspired by Justine's post based on Holly's post about the YA Mafia, a possibly mythical group of YA writers who will squash bloggers like squishy things if they write bad reviews.

I dunno if the YA Mafia exists. If they do, I don't doubt that they behave this way—it's classic mean girl bullying, and there's a surprising amount of that online from people who ought to be more professional.

But if the YA Mafia exists, I'm not in it. All that a writer with integrity wants from a reviewer is an honest opinion. So dis me. There's never been a writer worth reading who wasn't misunderstood by some reviewers. A bad review isn't fun, but it's a badge of honor.