Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NPR Joins Drive to Cut Social Security

I'm linking to NPR Joins Drive to Cut Social Security | Beat the Press for two reasons:

1. A fact every American who has heard rightwing hysteria about Social Security should know: "The Congressional Budget Office projects that the program can pay all benefits for the next 28 years with no changes whatsoever and can pay nearly 80 percent of projected benefits indefinitely into the future, even if nothing is ever done to change the program." (One of the changes that Republicans aren't talking about is removing the income limit—currently $106,800.00—so the very rich would stop getting their current break on social security payments.)

2. NPR hasn't been a liberal news source for decades, if ever. (Occasionally telling a truth that the mainstream media ignores is not the same as being liberal, though some conservatives can't grasp that.)

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