Sunday, March 27, 2011

the argument for destructive riots

Hundreds of thousands of people make a peaceful protest, and the news ignores it. But they notice destruction: TUC anti-spending cuts protest: 200 arrested after 500k march against the cut | Mail Online

I don't like this truth, but this is not a truth of my making: it's a truth of the rich. They can ignore peaceful protests.

The one comforting thing about this truth is there's a difference between destruction and violence, though greedy people often fail to recognize it. Attacking things is not the same as attacking people.

ETA: But destruction is a double-edged sword. Provocateurs engage in destruction to make protesters look bad in the eyes of those who are more concerned with property than human rights. I'm not recommending violence, and I despise provocateurs. But it may be that every protest should include a torched Mercedes and a smashed window in a store that caters to the very rich.