Monday, May 23, 2011

five attractive black women

There're at least two problems with posting pictures of attractive black women to refute the idea that black women aren't attractive:

1. What race-obsessed people see and what the rest of us see are not the same.

2. No matter how long a list is, race-obsessed people can say these are exceptions that test the rule.

To which I say, screw it. Here are five attractive black women, posted purely 'cause it gives me an excuse to post pics of five attractive black women.

My first fanboy crushes on black women were almost certainly Diana Ross of the Supremes (though I didn't like their music), Nichelle Nicholls from Star Trek, and this woman, who I might've liked best, Gail Fisher of Mannix:

I dunno if there's any fanfic for Mannix, but if there is, it's all about Mannix and Peggy hooking up.

A couple of years later, I was so in love with Tina Turner:


And Angela Davis:

In the '80s, I adored Grace Jones:

Grace Jones

And soon after that, the woman who should've played Storm in the X-Men, Angela Bassett:

Angela Bassett