Friday, June 3, 2011

how learning to publish ebooks is driving me insane #2: Pubit!

In theory, Pubit! should be infinitely easier to work with than Amazon. Barnes and Noble sells epubs, so what you upload should be what you sell.

And this may well be the case.

But I won't find out until another issue is resolved: Pubit! claims they publish within 72 hours. I gave them a week after uploading a couple of books because a holiday weekend fell during that time. Then I went to my Pubit! account and saw a notice claiming there was a problem with my application, and that I should've gotten an email about that.

I'm about 99.5% sure I didn't get an email. I check Gmail's spam filter regularly for misfiltered email.

Solution: Check your Pubit! account every day while you're waiting for ebooks to be epublished.

When I called Pubit!, they said my social security number and name had been rejected by their automatic checker. If I was sure my number and name were correct, they would submit it again for a human review, because sometimes their auto checker screwed up.

I think I passed, because the warning notice on my Pubit! account has disappeared. The books, however, are still "Processing." So I'll post an update soon.

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