Saturday, June 4, 2011

today's reading for antiracists

The old-time religion of Cornel West's marxism | Mukoma Wa Ngugi | Comment is free |
The American intellectual left, lost in the old paradigm of static classes and monolithic races, has started sounding very much like the American right. With the Obama presidency heralding a world where both positive and negative changes are occurring at the speed of light, it can no longer be enough to beat political analysis into ideology. Any critique offered has to be cognizant of changing racial dynamics and class structures after globalisation. When the most powerful office in the United States is held by a biracial man elected by a broad cross-section of the population, it simply will not to do to carry on as if we were still in the Bush era, or before.


  1. I liked Cornel West's rant no matter how misguided he got. What do you make of Michael Barker's latest?:

  2. I also have a fondness for West and his rants, and I generally like Barker. But here, he fails to do something I wish someone would take on: he doesn't look at the stats comparing rural and urban arrests, nor does he compare the stats for poor blacks with poor whites. Mind you, the drug war is an abomination and should be ended ASAP, whether it's current form is intentionally racist or coincidentally racist (urban poverty tends to be black,so if the drug war focuses on poor folks in cities, it would automatically catch more black folks in its net).

  3. Yeah, I like that Barker and the author he's reviewing aren't downplaying the importance of affirmative action, they just think the fight for rights should be expanded to wider concepts.