Monday, July 18, 2011

Kynn Bartlett, ask your friends for help

Yesterday, [info]kynn  used her @dazedsaveends account to tweet @AngryBlackLady (not @AngryBlackWomen), who retweeted:

AngryBlackLady: RT @dazedsaveends: @AngryBlackLady watch out, you're in the crosshairs of the kooky ex-sf/f writer Will Sh*tt*rly: (see comments)

I created a new twitter account, @will_shetterly, to assure ABL I had nothing against her and saw Kynn had created a Twitter feed called @FakeWillShttrly. Kynn used it to harass AngryBlackLady, but AngryBlackLady rebuffed her, saying.

@FakeWillShttrly not sure what the deal is with you or will shetterly, but please leave me out of it. kthx

I'm concerned for Kynn. She does not seem to realize that what she says as FakeWillShttrly reveals what's within her.

Now, Kynn loves drama. I first noticed her during Racefail 09, when she posted,

I live in Tucson, and so does he. I've never met him.

But if I ever do, I'll likely spit in his fucking face.

Her post about spitting may have been made on the day I received an anonymous death threat. While I think Kynn has more integrity than to act anonymously, the timing links the incidents in my mind.

Emma and I were scheduled to appear at the Tucson Festival of Books soon after that. Kynn said she would not appear, then changed her mind, saying she would not approach us. Because I don't know her, her "likely" and her changing mind made me keep watch for a spitting fan. I knew someone in her community had gone into Rachel Moss's office and left a threat; I knew that someone's boss had been called during Racefail in an attempt to have her fired.

Kynn was true to her word; she did not approach us. I think I saw her watching from across the way once, but I can't swear to that. Under the circumstances, I wish Kynn had introduced herself at the Festival of Books. If I'd been in anything like her position, I would've, simply to assure the other person that though I disagreed with them, I truly did not intend them harm.

Whenever I've noticed Kynn since then, she tends to have her own version of reality. For example, in a recent response to a question about sockpuppets and me, she said,

He made up one called "shitterly" and used it to evade my longstanding ban on him posting on my LJ.

Then he gave it up, cuz he's Will and he does things like that.

And also:

He used to have one called "shitterly" but he got rid of that after I started referring to him as all the time.
I'm not sure when Kynn and a few of her friends began calling me Shitterly, but Kynn did that as early as April 24, 2010:

Shitterly is a fucking coward, serious.

I didn't say anything about it for a while because it amused me. When I spoke up for civil rights in fifth grade, I got bulled by kids who called me Shitterly. I wear the name as proudly as I wore another they called me, Niggerlover.

But I finally told Kynn about it around June 13th, when she posted a fauxpology that amused me even more. So I created the shitterly LJ, which Kynn acknowledges here. Once I'd done that, I deleted it, because it was a one-time joke. I wrote about it in an observation about fannish pseudonymity.

So, as the time dates show, Kynn's version of what happened with that pseud is the reverse of reality.

I suppose, in hindsight, I should've been concerned about the kind of person who runs around calling her opponents "Shitterly." Since she had friends who did the same, I just thought it was to be pitied.

I've cut Kynn a great deal of slack because she is a transwoman, and life is hard for transfolk. But Kynn enjoys making her life hard. People who knew her before she became Kynn say her behavior, at least until very recently, is not significantly different.

But what she says as FakeWillShttrly suggests escalation to me. If anyone reading this cares for her, please remind her of the advice she so loves to share: do not engage.

Kynn, go in peace.

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