Monday, July 4, 2011

The Onion nails bourgeois activism, and so does WSWS

I thought I'd have to write my own piece on bougie activism, but two fine sources have my back today.

Start here: Concerts Held To Wish World's Poor Good Luck | The Onion

Then go to Political lessons of the Strauss-Kahn affair. Or, if you're as lazy as I sometimes am, here's the most relevant bit about middle-class activism:
...a quite distinct social milieu, composed of more affluent sections of the upper-middle class, which wallows in various forms of identity politics—fixated on gender, sexuality, ethnicity or race—which serve as a cloak for its own egotistical and reactionary class interests.

The ruling elite learned long ago how to cultivate and exploit the narrow social interests of these upper-middle class layers in its own interests. It is only a matter of raising certain hot button issues relating to personal “identity” to line them up behind economic and political initiatives of importance to the lords of finance capital.
For the sake of identity politicians in the audience, I'll add this: Yes, DSK may be guilty of raping a prostitute who then hoped to blackmail him, and, yes, sex workers deserve the full protection of the law, just like any other worker. And, yes, it's possible DSK was innocent in New York and guilty in France—the latter will be tested: Tristane Banon: French Writer Will Accuse DSK of Attempted Rape.

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