Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kynnfail? Rapefail? Allyfail? Compassionfail?

What should the Kynn Bartlett Affair be called? Failfans love to name fails when they're on the attack, but I doubt they'll come up with a name this time. What's appropriate?

Kynnfail '11? I like that because there are so many Kynnfails, but because there have been so many, the name's too general.

Rapefail? This is, I believe, the first fail involving charges of rape in failfandom, but again, it's too general.

I like Allyfail, because this one is all about denying any association with Kynn, now that she's been found a politically inconvenient friend or ally.

I also like Compassionfail '11. It's true that every fail of failfandom has been a case of Compassionfail, but this is the first time they've turned on one of their own. If the charges against Kynn are true—and I'm inclined to believe they are, because Jack and Alexandra seem sincere and Kynn's deleted posts and comments seem to acknowledge some awareness of having gone too far—you would think Kynn's friends would be trying to help Kynn get therapy.

Instead, if the charges are true, they've cast a rapist from their midst to rape again. They've chosen punishment instead of treatment, ostracism instead of understanding. They've—

Well, they've been remarkably consistent. Compassion is something they only offer to the ideologically pure.

So, is there a better name for this? If the histories of fandom need to include anything, they need to include this.

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