Wednesday, August 24, 2011

playing with anonymice

The brave li'l mice spinning tales in does the very thought of this fill anyone else with dread? helped me see something clearly: Their lack of concern for accuracy is no different than that of racists who attack Sikhs thinking they're Muslims.


  1. fail_fandomanon does not equal failfans, at least not most of the time. It's a community to give people who are pissed off by the failfans (and other things) a space to say how they really feel without having to fear the usual dogpile. Kind of sad that it's necessary, but they're not bad usually. Plus, it can make for amusing reasing, when it's not full of fanfic wank.

    Some of them nonetheless buy into the failfans' tales about you or they dislike you for other reasons. No idea what their problem with Emma is (beyond Racefail) or why they don't like the idea of you being GoH at a con.

  2. Anon, thanks. I don't follow it; I only notice when they link to one of my sites. So it could well be that the ones I notice aren't representative.

    As for their problem, haters gonna hate.

  3. A few people were rolling there eyes and being wrong, you didn't have to go Kynn on the nonas.

  4. Their eyes. Sorry Mr. Shetterly. I apparently can't proofread tonight.

  5. Eh. I only bothered to correct one of their many examples of being wrong: I never was anonymous there.

    But I apologize for bringing facts to a lying fight.