Sunday, August 14, 2011

search words Sunday

Search terms that brought people to this site recently:
  1. will shetterly
  2. black female superheroes
  3. interracial kissing
  4. apocarteresis
  5. zatanna reboot
  6. come come again whoever you are come
  7. how many presidents have we had
  8. shetterly coates
  9. tony babino
  10. whitesplaining
Most surprising is apocarteresis, which I mentioned back in 2009.

Sweetest are #2 and #3.

#6 refers to a UU hymn that I love.

Most baffling is #7; I suspect it's because I sometimes talk about the failures of the electoral college.

#8 must be because I respect but often disagree with Coates, whose values are those of your typical financially-comfortable liberal.

Tony Babino did the awesome version of the Internationale which I've posted and, clearly, not enough people have.

As for "whitesplaining," I suppose I get charged with it, but it's a silly concept, no more useful than femsplaining and blacksplaining. The only splaining I'm interested in is splaining how rich folks oppress the rest of us.

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