Thursday, September 8, 2011

Orson Scott Card, do you like this idea for my next novel?

After reading Outcry over Hamlet novel casting old king as gay paedophile, I've got a plot for a novel:

The events in Hamlet are explained when Joseph Smith travels back in time to marry Hamlet's mother and rule as king. Because he's a heterosexual pedophile (he did have two wives who were fourteen), he rapes Ophelia and tells Gertrude that he's taking a second wife, which results in his murder by Polonius.

Unasked-for advise: just because an idea is unique does not mean it is good.

PS for folks who think it was common to marry young in the 19th century, no, it wasn't.

ETA: Lest anyone think all Mormons are homophobes: Mormon-Chronicles: Orson Scott Card adds homosexuality to Hamlet.