Wednesday, October 19, 2011

are any failfans talking about Occupy Wall Street?

I took a look at a couple of the usual suspects, then got bored. So far as I can tell, the folks who get all upset about "racefail" have no interest in Occupy Wall Street because it doesn't fit their understanding of the nature of power in the US.

I bring this up 'cause I did a search for "racefail" recently and found this:

thewayoftheid: I dunno, reading about all the #racefail going on in #ows protests makes me less sympathetic to the cause. *shrug*

Are these folks all part of the 1%? I can't believe that's possible. But then, given the number of grads from expensive private schools who took part in Racefail 09, it's no surprise if that's where their sympathy lies.