Thursday, October 6, 2011

black reds: Claudia Jones, buried to the left of Karl Marx in Highgate

Claudia Jones: "Claudia Cumberbatch Jones (15 February 1915—24 December 1964) was a black nationalist, political activist, journalist and Communist in the United States. She served as secretary for the Women's Commission of the CPUSA and was tried alongside its president, her friend Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, and 11 other communist leaders.

Her most famous quote:
The bourgeoisie is fearful of the militancy of the Negro woman, and for good reason. The capitalists know, far better than many progressives seem to know, that once Negro women begin to take action, the militancy of the whole Negro people, and thus of the anti-imperialist coalition, is greatly enhanced...
As mother, as Negro, and as worker, the Negro woman fights against the wiping out of the Negro family, against the Jim Crow ghetto existence which destroys the health, morale, and very life of millions of her sisters, brothers, and children.
Viewed in this light, it is not accidental that the American bourgeoisie has intensified its oppression, not only of the Negro people in general, but of Negro women in particular. Nothing so exposes the drive to fascization in the nation as the callous attitude which the bourgeoisie displays and cultivates toward Negro women.[5]—Claudia Jones, An End to the Neglect of the Problems of the Negro Woman!

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