Saturday, November 26, 2011

Boots Riley on black bloc tactics

Boots Riley on black bloc tactics:
If we are in the middle of one of the biggest, most overtly class conscious acts of the last 65 years- one that has the unity of action of 50,000 ppl-one that caused millions in damage through an action that teaches class analysis and builds an apparatus for future action-why would u think breaking a window at whole foods is taking it to another level? Its not. The message it gives to most is one of futile frustration.
He makes another point that I like a lot:
...when a group of masked white kids break windows in a city that’s many ppl of color, it feels like the white kids are claiming ownership, not saying that this city is all of ours. It makes it harder to build a viable mass movement. I’m saying this knowing the truth, many masked blac bloc folks are NOT white. But, if everyone perceives u as white cuz u have a mask on-then it has the same effect.
He reminds me that the only defenders of Black Bloc tactics I've encountered are white guys like Nick Mamatas. Me, I figure any tactic that makes revolutionaries look like thugs is a stupid tactic.

Do follow the link for more good arguments against Blackblockheads. His point about vanguarding is as strong as any of the rest.

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