Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the realm of the ridiculous: two articles on Tintin, racism, and censorship

Belgian court’s adviser says Tintin book not racist:
Intention is a key criteria in substantiating a charge of racism. The court is expected to deliver a judgement early next year rejecting or accepting Mondondo’s argument that the book’s depiction of Africans is racist. 
“We see in particular that Tintin in the Congo does not put Tintin in a situation where there is competition or confrontation between the young reporter and any black or group of blacks, but pits Tintin against a group of gangsters ... who are white,” de Theux de Meylandt also wrote in the statement.
Banning 'racist' Tintin comic from children's shelves lunacy, says Vatican: " editorial in L'Osservatore Romano said: "It is essential to take into account the historical context to avoid entering the realm of the ridiculous."