Friday, December 16, 2011

a boycott is a choice to remain ignorant, says Sheik Qadhi about Lowes

This short clip is mostly about Muslims and Jews visiting Dachau and Auschwitz, but Lowe's cowardly decision to withdraw from advertising on American Muslim is mentioned toward the end, and I was struck by Sheik Qadhi's comment.

There have been times when boycotts were the right response, but too often, boycotts play into the hands of the people they're directed against. This has been especially true in the cases of calls for Arizona boycotts, because Arizona's conservatives are very happy to have their opponents stay away. My take: Don't boycott; educate.

ETA: For more on ways boycotts can backfire, see How a boycott meant to save Arizona is hurting it - White Knighting -

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