Saturday, December 17, 2011

gleeporn vs rageporn, and a goodbye to frequent blogeration

The internet is for porn, and it comes in two forms, gleeporn and rageporn. Gleeporn makes people happy; it's lolcats and babies and bands that make you want to dance for the joy of dancing. Rageporn makes people angry: it's the subjects polite people avoid with strangers, politics and religion. The human brain is stimulated by both, and humans love to have their brains stimulated.

At least, this human sure does.

I don't mean to say that gleeporn is good and rageporn is bad. Gleeporn can make people complacent. Outrage is often necessary to change the world.

But on the net, glee and rage are often only tactics to get you to return to a site, to keep being the monkey clicking that button for its fix. The net may be infinitely superior to television, but ultimately, it's no different: it doesn't care what it's doing to you. It only wants you to keep paying attention to it.

Or, McLuhan still matters: the medium is the message.

I can't eliminate the net from my life now, but I can slip its leash more often, and when I return, I can favor the places that will make me a happier and more effective click-monkey.

In consequence, I'll be cutting back on blogging. If you see me making more than a couple of posts a week, please, gently mock me for my weakness.

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