Friday, January 6, 2012

the easy accommodation of the liberal bourgeoisie, or the smug solipsism of the identitarian middle class

I saw this quoted in Glenn Greenwald's Democratic Party priorities. The bolding is my variant of Greenwald's; the comment is by DougJ at Balloon Juice:
For a liberal like me, who is primarily interested in the well-being of the American middle-class and in providing opportunity for everyone in the United States, regardless of race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion etc., I just don’t see why I should be “challenged” by Ron Paul. I understand that if you’re a liberal who is primarily interested in civil liberties and a less bellicose foreign policy, then you might be conflicted about Paul. But to me, he’s just another racist asshole who wants to fuck the American middle-class.
DougJ succinctly expresses the identitarian dilemma: Does diversity in the US outweigh the murder, rape, and impoverishment of Middle Eastern men, women, and children? Is the hope that everyone may someday be able to marry the person they love greater than the right not to be arrested or killed without due process?

Note that the war in Afghanistan is real, while the racism of Ron Paul is theoretical, as his black supporters will tell you.

Mind you, I'm a socialist and Ron Paul's a right-libertarian. In 2008, I voted for a black man who has been proving all his life that class matters more than race. In 2012, I'll cast a vote for someone who dreams of an alternative to Wall Street politics—though I haven't a clue who that may be.

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