Saturday, February 4, 2012

dead saguaros, an Adelita, and some Arizona landscapes

I rarely take a comera on my walks. I remember Fred Haskell, a fine photographer, once saying that he could be at an event or he could record it, and when I walk, I either want to be present or half-dreaming. But today I thought I'd take pics of some things I would like to remember.

This is an Adelita that we put by the wash that runs through the place where we're caretakers.

The splayed ribs of this dying saguaro inspired me to bring the camera:

I wish I'd had it last night, when I saw the saguaro at sunset, and a bird was sitting on the second arc from the bottom, with its tail coming down to the lowest arc.

Here are some vistas and a few more dead saguaros:

Arizona, I'm going to miss you, even though your rich people are crazy.

Bonus: A nice collection of Adelita images here.

And a video:

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