Saturday, February 4, 2012

flying versus driving, with a note about the flying class

I like Fly or Drive Calculator™ 'cause they let you plug in the obvious variables (cost of hotel, make of car, etc.) and include thCO2 impact. Here's Tucson to Minneapolis for two people:

6 hours, 28 minutes
2 days, 4 hours, 3 minutes
Total Cost
Total Cost
CO2 Impact: 2,241 lbs.CO2 Impact: 1,126 lbs.

The pollution caused by rich folks who fly a lot? It's just more trickling down on the rest of us.

ETA: Kee Hinckley noted, "Having a second person makes a big difference in the equation, both for cost of flying and ease of driving. I'm going for a weekend to Michigan (about a 16hr drive) to see my daughters senior HS art installation project and that app confirms my guess. Cheaper (and more CO2 efficient) to fly."

That's another reason I like the site. Sometimes flying is the right solution.

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