Friday, February 3, 2012

we're moving to Minneapolis at the end of the month! (but watch for updates)

Our realtor pal told us yet another problem had come up, and then that all the problems had been solved, so "we are back on track". Yay!

Given our home-buying adventures so far (see yesterday's post), I'm not assuming we're really moving until the cats are asleep on our bed at the new place. We do a walk-through on the morning of the closing, and I'm fully prepared for the fates to laugh at human plans then.

Still, we're excited. The place seems ideal for us in many ways: It's in our old neighborhood, within an easy walk of a light rail station. It's small, about 750 square feet, so it'll be easy to clean and cheap to heat. It's in decent shape for moving in, but it needs some work, so we can shape it to suit us over the next couple of years.

It feels good to be going, but I'm going to miss the desert and the mountains and many fine Arizonans.

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