Friday, March 23, 2012

today's reason I hate capitalism, or eighteen teeth to go

Scott Hanselman posted this on Google+ a while back:
Me to Wife: "I feel a little conspicuous at this Walmart."

Wife: "We've got too many teeth."
I'm quoting that now because I had another tooth extracted yesterday. It had a complicated—but relatively painless—history, and all the dental folks involved were great. Dr. Black at El Rio Community Health Center found what appeared to be a failed root canal. Dr. Bui at Southeast Arizona Endodontics in Arizona began a surgical procedure to save the tooth, only to find that it had a crack which had not appeared on the X-rays. He essentially cemented the crack to buy me time to decide what to do after our move to Minneapolis. Dr. Basi at Northern Star Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Minnesota pulled the tooth. I recommend them all highly.

But I'm down to eighteen teeth now. Most of my missing teeth went because when you're poor in a country that doesn't provide dental care, extractions are much cheaper than root canals. Which is, of course, why rich people casually joke about those who have missing teeth—the class marker is as obvious as it can be.

Mind you, I don't mean to single out Hanselman, who seems like a fine fellow. His wife was stating a truth—a lot of poor people shop at Walmart, and one of the ways you can tell that is by the number of their teeth.

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